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Hi, My name is Kiera and I’m an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. I’m 26 and I live in a small country town in NSW, Australia. I have started my blog as a way to expand my skillset. I have recently started working for my self and my own business call Active Health Solutions Mudgee. I’m also currently wrapping up my studies in Human Nutrition. I have a passion for cooking and after years suffering IBS and diagnosis of mild gluten intolerance, i have learnt a lot of tips and tricks and figured these could be useful to others. 

 I love exercise, 2 years ago i couldn’t say that and in my profession i was growing increasingly more anxious and depressed for not doing anything yet giving advice to others. On my journey I have learnt what i do enjoy, what i don’t and how to motivate myself. From doing this I have gained a healthy balance of mental and physical well being. I have been working on my own workouts and posting them regularly to my istagran page @kiz489 to share with all that are keen to try my workouts. I have built up confidence and taught myself discipline. I then started yoga as a form of stretching to balance my body with my high Intemsity workouts, I dogs. A mind body balance along the way . It has become a fantastic stress reliever and to be honest I feel fantastic after, it really is addictive!  

I have developed a passion for healthy living and i have now created this blog so i can share it all with you. As far as my degree goes, I studied Exercise Science (Rehabilitation) I am very mindful of safe exercise and specific training types for different people. I currently run a mums and bubs post pregnancy class, a falls prevention activity class for seniors, injury rehabilitation programs and chronic disease programs. I love the interaction with my clients and have solemnly come to terms with the fact that Exercise is Medicine.

So I am here to provide information on things that i currently do that maybe helpful to you! A variety of workouts, fitness tips for technique, posture, etc. recipes and just day to day things i think can be helpful in relation to health and fitness. If you want to see anything in particular here let me know! Find me on instagram @kiz489 and Facebook Kiz Fitness & Health https://www.facebook.com/kizfitnessandhealth

  Kiera x

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