What is Power Vinyasa?


What is Power Vinyasa?

So last week I came across the new yoga spot in Mudgee run by Randi Thraves.. No seriously, it’s called ‘The Yoga Spot’, the class I participated in was Power Vinyasa. 

So what is Power Vinyasa? 

Well it’s a form of yoga that is fun, high energy flow of moves from one pose to the next connecting with your breath. The class is held in a heated room (but not ridiculously hot, today it was raining outside and the room temp was 31degrees.. Delightful!) which can work you into a serious sweat if you push yourself. The flow works on building your strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina all one class. Things then start to slow down –  you hold poses for longer, Randi speaks in such a calm tone you improve your own self awareness and mindfulness in class.

Why I enjoyed it:

– You Build up some serious strength:  all those chaturanga’s (tricep push-ups will be the death of me) hugging the elbows in, Warriors, Half moon poses, You’ll be finding muscles you never knew you had. 

– Every class is different:  I have been to 2 of Randis classes and she has said she likes to change it up. Both classes were different but challenging. What I enjoy most is the warm room makes you fully aware of how much your flexibility improves when your muscles warm up. Because the classes are different, you’re constantly learning new strengths about your own body. 

– The group energy: The classes focus on breathing and movement in harmony. As the class breathes together under Randi’s guidance, it’s a quite nice feeling of relaxation and group energy which elevates you and creates calming and positivity in the room. You walk out feeling great, grounded, positive and realise how the little things stressing you are quite little. (The rain this morning, plus being a Monday, had me quite flat this morning, I have so much energy after class, hence the reason behind writing this)

– The classes can be adapted for everyone: I noticed there was a variety of levels of experience in the class, Randi was able to modify all movements to be suitable and still challenging for everyone, even a lady that was 26 weeks pregnant (not going to lie, I was slightly embarrassed how much more flexibility she had than myself… Seriously, she’s amazing!

Anyway, if your looking for something new, challenging or just want to find out for yourself, give power vinyasa a crack and you won’t regret it.

Get Bending, stretching and be happy week lovelies. 




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