Hello world!


This is my very first post. So bear with me while I figure this all out!

So a little about me, I’m Kiera, I’m 26, from the small country town of Mudgee. My partner Brett and I live with our beautiful German shepherd Zoe & cat Lola. I’m an accredited Exercise Physiologist and also studying nutrition. You could say that I’m a fitness nut! My Instagram page @kiz489 will show you just how much.

I couldn’t say that 12 months ago. I was always bloated, suffered IBS and making the odd trip to ER for unexplained stomach pain. I was suffering depression and couldn’t understand why, my life was good but I lacked motivation and felt like a hypocrite working in the allied health industry giving advise and treatment to others. I can’t tell you what exactly triggered my change to a healthy lifestyle but rather a few incidents. After another trip to ER I had more tests which showed a mild intolerance to gluten. My body was overload! I was lethargic, irritable and spending most nights in the bathroom at 2am thinking my appendix would burst. After I was put on a gluten elimination diet these things states to alleviate. This was hard as my favourite foods pretty much are pizza & pasta. It took a while but I was slowly able to reintroduce small amounts of gluten to my diet. Unfortunately I can no longer go to town in a bowl of fettuccine but I have learnt many delicious ways of cooking without or minimising gluten in my recipes. So much so that I decided to study nutrition to further my knowledge for myself and also my clients.

Another trigger was that I seen a photo in which I was extremely bloated and looked “out of shape” this made me want to start exercising regularly.. Before this I was in denial that I wasn’t exercising enough. I started running, which I hated. I then started PT with friends doing resistance exercise, which I really enjoyed. This lead me to start another program a few months later that my friend had just purchased, it looked challenging and was structured. Something I needed at the time. It was 12 week bikini body guide. It was hard.. During the 12 weeks so many people were complementing me and I felt fantastic, physically and mentally. I was happy, if I felt down I would exercise and then my mind was clear, focused.. Positive! I finished first program and then I started second and loved how disciplined I was becoming with my workout routine. For those who follow me on Instagram you will know just how much.. 

Now I enjoy trying new ways of exercising, including running! I have been practising yoga for over 2 years and I love the mind body balance it creates. I’m always learning, but I’m enjoying the journey.

For those who don’t know me, I’m a bit of a nerd. I research everything, find out as much information as I can try anything to see what it can do. My partner Brett is constantly poking fun at me for all the weird and wonderful health remedies, fitness workouts and healthy recipes test and I try to come up with myself. A lot of it is to see what does and doesn’t work. I feel the need to debunk a lot of health misconceptions.

So to wrap this up I’ll finish with why I started this blog. I have become so happy and fulfilled from living a healthy lifestyle. I have had so many people on Instagram asking for fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, posture advise, healthy recipes and I’ve enjoyed helping others. This seemed to be the logical next step to do what I love and provide the information I have learnt from my degree, first hand experience and trial and error on my own part and pass it on to those who want it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Kiera x

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