Lower Body Foam Rolling

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Lower Body Foam Rolling
Video is posted on my Instagram page @kiz489 if you wish to view.

Spend 90 seconds on each area and return to a tight or “sore” spot, which are called Trigger Points. The causes of Trigger points can be:
• Overuse injury, strain
• Inflammation
• Stress
• Prolonged immobility
• Hormonal or nutritional imbalance
• Poor posture.
There is a lot of information on Myofascial Release if you are interested in learning more..
Try these basic lower limb Myofascial releases with a foam roller.
– Hamstring into calf
– Glutes
– Quads
– ITB (iliotibial band)
For deeper releases you can use a spikey ball, especially getting into the hamstrings to increase flexibility.
You can feel a little yuck after foam rolling, so be sure to drink lots of water after to flush the toxins you have released from the muscle into the bloodstream.

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