Static Lunge technique

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Static Lunges: So after a few people on my @kiz489 have asked about lunges and how to do them correctly,Β the most common is ‘how far should my front knee move or not move?’

So biomechanically, your whole knee should be above your ankle on the front leg. There is a small variance where you can allow it to move towards your toes but never passed them( This is safe ROM – Range Of Movement), this will overload the knee cap & knee joint. The next is that there should be a gap from your front heel to the back knee to evenly distributed the weight between both legs and not overload the front knee.
Reasons why your knee might be going passed your toes:

πŸ”Ί Hamstring tightness: like myself, in my previous video my knees move towards my toes but not passed, if you have hamstring tightness your stride will be shortened so your knee will move forward.
πŸ”Ί Forward tilt: if your torso tilts forward this will change the angle of your pelvis and result in the movement continuing forward with your knees moving over your toes.
It is important to stay on top of your stretches, I didn’t this week and resulted in increased tightening of my H/S, after a good stretch session from yesterday’s to today’s post I’ve already increased my stride length. Postural awareness and keeping your chest up and not letting your upper body tilt forward.

I hope that helps!