LISS (Low Intensity Steady State)

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What Is LISS?
L.I.S.S Stands for Low Intensity Steady State, also known as low intensity cardio. It is the term for low intensity cardio such as walking or jogging without putting much stress on the body.

Examples of LISS:

LISS can be performed in a variety of different ways, it’s really up to your imagination. The key is that you are performing exercise at low intensity. Here are just a few examples:

– Walking/Jogging on treadmill or outside

– Cross trainer/ Elliptical machine

– Stair stepper/stair master

– Rowing machine

– Swimming (Must be a good swimmer to ensure it stays low intensity, doing laps of a house pool vs full Olympic pool would change the intensity if you’re just starting)

– Water running/walking – walking stairs ( my best friend recently did a LISS session in Caves in Vietnam climbing 100s of stairs)

LISS should last for 30-45min and performed at least twice a week on days not on resistance days (or if they have to be performed on the same day they should be at opposite end of the day to each other). Note: Always ensure your body is in a low intensity state. Don’t get caught in the moment and convince yourself to go hard. Your breathing should increase but always able to hold a conversation without having to stop to get your breath back when doing LISS – always remember – you are doing LISS as part of a calculated training regime.

Why do LISS?

LISS can help boost metabolism and burn a few extra calories. By training at a lower intensity, more oxygen is available to your cardiovascular system and this helps to burn fat more efficiently. LISS, when done properly is also great form of exercise on active rest days. LISS is a good way to get some cardio into your program whilst actively recovering from resistance training days. It’s low impact on the body and is recommended as safe for everyone due to its low intensity nature. 


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  Battle Rope HIIT Video

-Double arm jump squat

-Alternating side jump squat

-Single arm 3 point squat jump (Right)

-Single arm 3 point squat jump (Left)

20sec on 10sec off x 8 ( 2 of each)

Rest 90 seconds 

Repeat for 3 rounds (4 mins per round = 12min)

I use the gymboss app as my timer, it has the timer already made called Tabata. 

Build-a-Booty Workout


Build-a-Booty Workout

Build a booty workout video


Challenge yourself and really work those glutes and thighs in this great workout 


1⃣- Cable pull throughs

2⃣- Smith machine single leg bridges

3⃣- Smith machine Donkey kicks

4⃣- Single leg knee ups with weight 

10 reps (each leg for 2⃣, 3⃣& 4⃣) x 3-4 rounds. 

1⃣ using 60-80lb, 2⃣&3⃣ using 10kg on smith machine bar & 4⃣ using 8kg kettlebell 

Give it a go!