Tummy, Hips & Thighs Workout

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| Tummy, Hips & Thighs |  
Link to workout clip Tummy, Hips & Thighs Workout

1️⃣Plank Hip twists X 10 each side

2️⃣Kneeling side leg raises X 10 each side

3️⃣Curtsey lunges X 10 each side

4️⃣Downdog knee in & kick outs X 10 each side

X 4-5 sets 


set a timer for 6 minutes and try to complete as many rounds as possible, rest for 90 seconds & repeat for 2-3 circuits. 

Resistance Band Abs & Thighs Workout

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Resistance Band Abs & Thighs Workout

Use a resistance band around your calves to add extra resistance to your ab workout and work the thighs.

  Resistance Band Abs & Thighs Workout Video
– Bent knee jack knives x 20

– V-sit side to side twists x 20

– V-sit pulses x 20

– V-sit Crunches x 20
Keep your core engaged and hold legs at shoulder width throughout the exercises.

⭐️Rest. Repeat for 4-5 sets.⭐️