Upper Body Foam Rolling 

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Upper Body Foam Rolling
Watch the video on my Instagram page: @kiz489 Upper body foam rolling video
Thoracic – trapezius/rhomboid:
Gently lay over the foam roller placed direct under your mid back. With arms crossed and feet firmly on the ground, lift your hips shifting your body weight onto the roller and gently roll back and forth from the top of your shoulders to the bottom of your rib cage. If you find and tight, sore spots, hold there for a few seconds then continue rolling.
– Latissimus Dorsi:
Start under armpit in side lying, gentle apply your body weight over roller and start with small arm movements side to side. Work up to shifting your weight over the roller, moving the roller up and down the side of your body. This is a very tender area.. Take it easy!
– Pectoralis: 
As above, gently lay over roller but lying on your stomach. You will require the roller on an angle and right under the shoulder and arm pit. Gently lay over it and apply down body weight. Gently move your arm in a windscreen wiper motion. When you can build up to it, lift your body and gently roll over the pec. Can be very tender, so be gentle!
– Spine, Supine lying- chest stretch & spinal decompression:
Using a long roller, gently sit at the end of the roller so your lower back makes contact, slowly lay back so all of your back is on the roller and your head is resting on it also. When you have your balance, stretch your arms out to the side with palms facing up. You may notice an arch in your back and tightness I your chest. You can stay here for as long as you like. I recommend a minimum of 5min. You will notice the arch decreases and the chest tightness will decrease.
Continued on from lower body foam rolling post..
The function of Fascia is to give our body structure. Imagine strings in a tennis racquet. A pull or tightness will change the way the entire structure is functioning.
Fascial  dysfunction can:
– crowd or pull joints
– create abnormal strain patterns
– poor alignment
– nerve entrapment
How to treat fascial dysfunction?
– stretches
– direct pressure
– Myofascial release (foam rolling/spikey ball)
– superficial & deep tissue massage
Myofascia is the fascia outside or around the muscle. Myofascial release can take 3-5 min for fascia to release. Can take minimum of 90 seconds for fascial network to respond to foam rolling/spikey ball. Be gentle & take your time, if you experience pins & needles, hot, shooting pain, stop!
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Mango Smoothie Bowl

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| M A N G O S M O O T H I E |
– 1 frozen mango ( I buy mine fresh, dice them up and put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer so they are ready to go and keep my smoothies cold!)
– 3 dollops of Greek yoghurt
– 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds
– 150-200ml of coconut water

(option: add 1-2 scoops of protein powder)

I use my NutriBullet to whizz up my smoothie. Enjoy as is or make your own smoothie bowl!  

Morning fuel 💪
Use the mango smoothie from above and added plenty of colour to make it nutritious and delicious. I’ve added pecans, goji berries, more chia seeds, blue berries and a sprinkle of vital greens with coconut shavings on top! Mix it up with your favourite toppings and E N J O Y!


Skin Therapy.. From the inside and out

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Skin Therapy

Skin Therapy

Lavender Hot Towel treatment and Aloe Vera detox juice.

Aloe Vera detox juice:

So I original got the Aloe Vera juice recipe from @karlina_health head over and check out her page.

The recipe is:

1 Cup of warm water

1 pinch of cayenne pepper

10mls of Aloe Vera juice

10mls of lemon juice

Mix & drink whilst warm. The benefits of this have helps my with my bloating but also have excellent skin loving properties; it helps clean your digestive system & liver, flushes toxins and speeds up blood flow & circulation.. Promoting luminosity clear skin.

Lavender Hot towel treatment:

So simple with so many benefits. Prepare 1 bowl of warm-hot water (you don’t want to too hot that it will should your skin)

10 drops of Lavender oil (make sure it’s not a lavender scented oil)

Dip in a face washer then squeeze out excess water, place of face for 20-30sec. Return to water and repeat 5 times.

Benefits: Open pores to allow hydration and essential oils to enter. Promotes relaxation. Lavender is an adaptogen, therefore can assist the body when adapting to imbalances and stress. It has anti-immflamatory, antiviral and anti bacterial properties.

I followed both of these treatments with a bottle of water. Try it next time you need a pick me up for your skin or before your next night out or a date